Documentation for mapping advertising devices in OpenStreetMap

Basics to understand french regulations on outdoor advertising (in french) : Résumé réglementation publicité extérieure

How to characterize advertising devices in OpenStreetMap : Advertising_osm.odp

Examples of advertising devices in OpenStreetMap : Advertising_examples.odp

Presentation "OSM and 'Paysages de France'" for the students of EIVP (Ecole Ingénieurs Ville de Paris) OSM_PdF_EIVP.odp

Presentation for "'Paysages de France'" OSM_PdF.odp OSM_PdF.ppt

Some icons proposals

Some icons for advertising : frame and support grey

Some icons for indications (french 'préenseignes') : frame and support grey

Some icons for signs (french 'enseignes'), facade signs are missing : frame and support blue

Some icons for 'urban furnitures with advertising' : frame and support green

One icon for electronic information boards (french 'Journaux Electroniques d'Informations') : frame and support green